2.2.1. Human Capital

This dimension includes two subdimensions: Internet user skills and Advanced skills and development. The first refers to the ability of citizens to use digital products and services, while the second is related to the ability to produce this type of goods and services. Catalonia is in seventh place here, and despite having obtained better results than in previous years, its relative position has fallen slightly.

Catalonia attained a score of 56.07% in Human capital for digitization, a dimension where Finland (71.11%), Sweden (64.55%), the Netherlands (61.55%) and Denmark (61.20%) occupy the top positions.

Graph 3.
  1. In the DESI 2021, a new indicator has been added to the Human capital dimension: “Enterprises providing ICT training” (1b3), while the other indicators have remained the same as in DESI 2020. For more detailed information, see the methodological note.