4. Conclusions

Catalonia holds for the third consecutive year the fifth position of digitalization in its economy and society, this year with 62.36%. This outstanding position is especially thanks to, Connectivity and Digital public services. It is ranked a short distance from the so-called "Nordic group" formed by Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands, which leads the digitalization of the economy and society in Europe. Analyzing the set of performance for the DESI index, it can be seen that Catalonia continues to have a development higher than the European average in all dimensions, thus consolidating its digital strength.

Catalonia has improved in all its dimensions, although this increase does not always translate into a better relative position in all the EU-27 states. In Human capital it has advanced two positions compared to 2020, in Digital public services it has advanced one, in Integration of digital technology in companies it remains in the same position while in Connectivity it has retreated two.

However, Connectivity remains the strong point and basis of digitization in Catalonia, especially in terms of implementation and Fixed broadband coverage, ranking third in the EU-27 ranking and only behind Denmark and the Netherlands.

Human capital is progressing satisfactorily, and both generic and ICT digital skills remain above the European average. However, the number of ICT specialists in the labor market, and especially women, should be improved.

The Integration of digital technology in companies continues to show good results, especially with regard to e-Commerce for SMEs and their cross-border sales. Catalan companies generally show a good level of digitalization.

At the same time, the degree of digitalization of the Public Administration in Catalonia continues to advance at a good pace, especially considering that it already came from a very prominent position, with very positive results and above the European average in the set of indicators.

In short, the analysis of the results of DESI 2021 shows that Catalonia enjoys an outstanding level of digitalization and is making adequate progress in the digital transformation of society and the economy. However, efforts must be maintained for the country’s digital transformation, both in the public and private sectors, in order to consolidate its leading position in all EU-27 states.