2.4. Analysis of results

In DESI 2021 Catalonia maintains the fifth place in the set of states of the EU-27, a position it already obtained in DESI 2019 and DESI 2020, with a wide margin with respect to the average.

In relation to Human capital, the seventh position of Catalonia is the result of remarkable values in the subdimension of Internet user skills, and quite good results in Advanced skills and development. Although in both subdimensions it obtains results above the EU-27 average, there are divergences if the detail of the indicators is observed; within Advanced skills and development, those related to ICT training show possibilities for improvement. In Internet user skills, it is in digital skills above the basic level where a clear advantage can be seen.

In Connectivity, Catalonia is in third place, obtaining positive results in almost all its subdimensions and indicators, especially in Fixed broadband take-up and coverage, the only exception being Fixed broadband take-up of at least 1Gbps and 5G coverage, where it is below the European average. It should be noted that the values of these two indicators for Catalonia come from the same values as Spain, due to the impossibility of obtaining disaggregated data for Catalonia.

The Integration of digital technology in Catalan businesses is remarkable, reaching the eighth position. It is worth noting the improvement in the values obtained in relation to e-Commerce of SMEs, especially with regard to cross-border sales. e-Commerce turnover, however, yields less remarkable results.

Finally, with regard to Digital public services, the digitization of public services in Catalonia allows its public administrations to achieve the sixth position and achieves results higher than the EU-27 average. The development of e-Government stands out, especially in terms of its offer of digital services for citizens, where Catalonia is in a very good fourth position.