2.3.3. Use of Internet Services

The use of Internet services is calculated from some general indicators and a selection of services available online that include three sub-dimensions: Internet use, Online activities, and Transactions. The dimension with the greatest weight is Online activities (50%), while the other two dimensions account for 25% each.

Table 5 presents the values and positions of the three included subdimensions in the Use of Internet Services dimension.

Table 5. Comparison of Use of Internet Services sub-dimensions.
Table 5 Comparison of Use of Internet Services sub-dimensions

The sub-dimension of Internet use is made up of two indicators that measure both the proportion of regular users (at least once a week), as well as noninternet users. The sub-dimension related to Online activities is the largest in terms of the number of indicators, including six. This sub-dimension measures the use of various types of activities, from leisure, communication, social interaction, etc. Finally, the last sub-dimension measures some of the transactions carried out on the internet such as the purchase and sale of goods and services as well as online banking.

Catalonia is above the EU-28 in two sub-dimensions: Use of Internet and Online activities. By contrast, in the sub-dimension Transactions, Catalonia is slightly below average.

The following section goes over the indicators that measure the use of internet services, all of them contributing with equal weight to their respective sub-dimensions.

Table 6. Comparison of Use of Internet Services indicators.
Table 6 Comparison of Use of Internet Services indicators

While Catalonia is not a leader in all indicators, it generally scores above the EU-28 average. In the sub-dimension of Internet use, both indicators are above average and occupy the eighth position. In Online activities, this is the case as well, except for in the Social Networks indicator, which is slightly lower. Catalonia's position in this sub-dimension is varied. Conversely, the three indicators of the Transactions sub-dimension are below the EU-28 average of the positions quite far from the leader.

  1. The 3a1 indicator is inverse, which is to say, the lower the better.