2.3.2. Human Capital

Two sub-dimensions make up the analysis of Human Capital: Internet user skills and Advanced skills and development. Both hold the same weight in their contribution to the dimension (50%).

Table 3 presents the values and positions of these two sub-dimensions.

Table 3. Comparison of Human Capital sub-dimensions.
Table 3 Comparison of Human Capital sub-dimensions

Both sub-dimensions include three indicators that measure, on the one hand, the digital skills of the general public and, on the other hand, those of the labor force. Catalonia gets better results in Advanced skills and development than in Internet user skills and stands above the EU-28 average in both cases.

Table 4 shows the results of Human Capital indicators.

Table 4. Comparison of Human Capital indicators.
Table 4 Comparison of Human Capital indicators

The first two indicators of Internet user skills refer to different levels (At least basic digital skills and Above basic digital skills), in digital proficiencies related to information, communication, problem-solving and the use of software for content creation, such as the use of word processors, spreadsheets, creating presentations or documents that integrate text, drawings, tables or graphs, or programming languages. The third indicator refers to skills specifically related to software and takes into account a basic level or above basic skill level.

Catalonia is above the EU-28 average in all three indicators and holds sixth place in digital skills above the basic level. In the others two indicators, it holds ninth place.

With regard to the three indicators of Advanced skills and development, Catalonia ranks first in the ranking of ICT graduates. The results are not the same with regard to the employed population specializing in ICT, where Catalonia comes in eleventh. In the case of female ICT specialists, the results are slightly better in positional terms, ranking seventh. In any case, the results of Catalonia are above the EU-28 average.

All indicators have the same weight in their respective sub-dimensions.