2.4. Analysis of results

DESI 2020 places Catalonia in fifth place in comparison to the set of states of the EU-28, with a wide margin with respect to the average.

In Connectivity, Catalonia is in the first place, obtaining positive results in almost all of its sub-dimensions and indicators, especially in fixed broadband take-up and coverage. The only exception is the affordability of access to connectivity services, where it stands below the European average.

Regarding Human Capital, the fourth position held by Catalonia is the result of some outstanding values in the sub-dimension of Advanced skills and development, and quite correct scores in Internet user skills. While both subdimensions get results that are above the mean of the EU-28, there are divergences when the indicators are observed in detail. There are clear possibilities for improvement in Internet user skills, Basic skills and Software skills. In Advanced skills and development, Catalonia has a clear advantage with respect to its educational plan, this is, however, not the case in regards to its workforce.

On another note, Catalonia gets less than stellar results in the Use of Internet Services, come in eighth place. In the sub-dimensions Internet use and Online activities, the results are quite positive overall. However, the results of the Transactions sub-dimension indicate that this is an area that still requires improvement, as all indicators are below the European average.

The Integration of Digital Technology in Catalan companies is notable, reaching the eleventh position. There is a certain disparity between the good level of Business digitisation, that is, the incorporation of technology into companies, and the use of technology in e-Commerce by SMEs, which show a less advanced level in relation to the set of states of the EU-28.

Finally, with regard to Digital Public Services, the digitisation of services in Catalonia puts Public Administrations in the seventh position and presents results above the EU-28 average. Notable is the development of e-Government, especially with regard to its digital service provisions for companies, where Catalonia holds a very strong sixth position.