2.3.4. Integration of Digital Technology

Integration of digital technology dimension in companies is broken down into two sub-dimensions, the first relates to the degree of digitisation existing in companies and second measures the level of e-Commerce in SMEs. The first dimension has four indicators, two of which are twice as heavily weighted as the other two, and a relative weight over the dimension of 60% of the total. The second consists of three indicators, each with the same weight, and makes up 40% of the total.

Table 7 shows the values and positions of Catalonia in each of these subdimensions.

Table 7. Comparison of Integration of Digital Technology subdimensions.
Table 7 Comparison of Integration of Digital Technology subdimensions

The level of business digitisation in Catalonia is remarkable, coming in ninth place and above the EU-28 average. Conversely, the degree of e-Commerce of Catalan SMEs has a long way to go and fails to reach the EU average and is currently ranked 17th.

Table 8 shows the results at the level of indicators.

Table 8. Comparison of Integration of Digital Technology indicators.
Table 8 Comparison of Integration of Digital Technology indicators

The analysis of the indicators of Integration of digital technology in companies shows that Catalonia is above the EU-28 average in all of them, except in two: Big data and SME e-Commerce turnover at the state level. At the international level, on the other hand, Catalonia holds the eighth position in Online cross-border sales. On another note, Catalonia leads the Electronic information sharing.