1. Presentation

This report presents the DESI or Digital Economy and Society Index in Catalonia 2022, following the same structure as last year's report corresponding to DESI Catalonia 2021.

Starting from the final DESI value, the presentation of results follows an order from more global/aggregate to more specific, that is, first the dimensions are described and in a second section, the sub-dimensions and indicators. The results at the level of dimensions are shown with graphs that allow us to locate the position of Catalonia in relation to the set of states of the EU-27, while for the levels of sub-dimensions and indicators, the results are shown in table form with the aim to present the most detailed and synthesized information. The values that are taken as reference for the comparison in the tables are that of Spain, that of the leading state, and the average of the EU-27. In addition, the evolution of all the indicators for the period 2020-2022 is also shown.

The Commission has aligned the DESI to the four cardinal points established in the Commission proposal taking into account the political program "Path to the Digital Decade”, which is being negotiated in the European Parliament and council. The proposal sets EU-wide targets to be achieved by 2030 in order to reach a global and sustainable digital transformation in all sectors of the economy. Eleven of the 2022 DESI indicators measure targets are laid out in the Digital Decade. In the future, DESI will further align with the Digital Decade so that all its objectives are addressed in the reports.

The structure of DESI 2022 is very similar to that of DESI 2021: the same 4 dimensions (Human capital, Connectivity, Integration of Digital technology and Digital Public Services) and the 10 sub-dimensions are maintained. The number of indicators are still 33, although one has been eliminated and one has been added, and the calculation methodology of some of them has also been modified.

As a result of these changes it has been necessary to once again calculate the DESI index values of the previous years applying methodological changes from 2022 in order to carry out the analysis of the 2020-2022 evolution that is presented at the end of this report.

For additional information, see the DESI project website.

  1. See the appendix for detailed information on the structure and composition of DESI 2022.