2.3.1. Human Capital

The following sections present the sub-dimensions and indicators of each of the dimensions. The analysis includes both the value of the sub-dimension or indicator for Catalonia and the position it occupies, as well as the corresponding values for Spain, the state with the best result, and the EU-27 average.

Table 1. Comparison of Human Capital sub-dimensions.
Table 1 Comparison of Human Capital sub-dimensions

Both sub-dimensions include various indicators that measure, on the one hand, the digital skills of citizens in general and, on the other, those of the labor force. Catalonia obtains better results in Internet user skills than in Advanced skills and development, ranking above the EU-27 average in both cases. Table 2 shows the results of the Human capital indicators.

The first two indicators of Internet user skills refer to different levels (at least basic and above basic), in digital skills related to information, communication, problem solving, the use of software to create content and security. The third indicator refers to the skills specifically related to the use of software for the creation of digital content, and considers a basic or above basic level.

Catalonia is above the EU-27 average in all three indicators and holds the fourth position in digital skills above the basic level. In the other two indicators, it takes the fifth position. The indicator that refers to at least basic level digital skills has twice the weight of the other two for the purpose of weighing their contribution to the sub-dimension.

Regarding the four Advanced Skills and Development indicators, Catalonia obtains its lowest positions. In contrast, Catalonia has much better results is in the employed population specializing in ICT, where Catalonia holds the ninth position. In the other three indicators of this sub-dimension, Catalonia occupies positions quite far behind the leading states. In any case, Catalonia's results are above the EU-27 average.

In this sub-dimension, the indicators ICT specialists and female ICT specialists weigh twice as much as the other two.

Table 2. Comparison of Human Capital indicators.
Table 2 Comparison of Human Capital indicators